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Differ's solutions reach across the solar and distributed electricity value chain. We are continuously looking for interesting technology and implementation ideas that could make a difference, reduce the carbon footprint and create profits in small- and medium scale new electricity markets.

Our focus is on well-tested and established technologies applied in areas such as electricity generation using renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and waste management.

We develop own concepts and we work together with our portfolio companies. In a world of small renewable energy, scalability is important for lowering end-user costs, increasing profitability and overall social and environmental benefits. We do not invest in single projects unless they are instrumental for other solutions in our portfolio.


In the below, we introduce our investments:




BOS AG aims at becoming the leading company in decentralised energy supply with a special focus on battery solutions and load management

BOS delivers battery solutions to the recreational vehicle (RV) market, energy storage systems for weak-grid and off-grid appliances and solar PV installations.

The key market for RV solutions is in Europe and the USA where BOS supplies storage solutions to a large RV manufacturer.

The key markets for the decentralized energy storage is located in rural and semi-urban areas of the world with insufficient access to modern energy services.

BOS delivers energy storage systems, DC grid technology, lithium extension batteries in addition to DC hybrid storage systems, with customers in Europe, USA; Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.



VITALITE Zambia was established 2014 by Differ and local partners in Zambia. It sells appropriate, affordable and acceptable household energy products to low-income customers while giving the best possible service.

Vitalite is a successful player in the Zambian market for solar home systems, with more than 20.000 SHS sold over the past few years. The company is hardware agnostic, and is integrated with PayGo software to operate a cashless operation. Over the past year, Vitalite has also included agricultural products in their portfolio to diversify from solar home systems alone.

Finally, Vitalite Zambia distributed and sold Prime cookstoves, as well as wood fuel sourced from existing sources of sustainably harvested biomass. The company's goal is to deliver clean energy solutions at prices affordable for peri-urban and urban poor without subsidies.



High quality pico system producer

High quality Pico-Solar-Home-Systems for light generation, phone charging, powering of radios and TVs are of main interest to Fosera. These systems are typically used in rural areas to give independent access to modern energy. Special features of the products consist of Li-Battery technology, ultra-efficient LEDs and the modular system design, which allows the system to grow with the demand of the user. Fosera was founded in 2011, its headoffice beeing located near Ulm, Germany, while subsidiaries have opened all around the world.

Company web-site:



Breathe clean air

Airmine develops hardware and software that reduce the negative impact of air pollution on individuals, by enabling people to make changes in their everyday life.

Airmine develops hardware with sensor technology for use with air pollution and air quality, and combines this with cloud based models to produce individual forecasts.

Airmine was founded in 2018. They have strong competencies in environmental technologies and modeling – and a burning passion for creating great products that help users in their everyday life.



Floating solar parks

OceanSun's core innovation is a floating solar system based on rigid PV modules mounted on a hydroelastic membrane. The method enables lower cell operating temperatures by direct thermal contact with the waterbody. Systems can be built at a low capex and the best PV performance in the industry. Ocean Sun has an alliance with GCL System Integration on high-volume manufacturing of dual-glass modules adapted for the floating membrane.



Raising the bar in future silicon based battery production

Cenate is a Norwegian company focusing on producing a silicon-containing anode material to be directly used in today´s lithium ion battery value chain.
The company is a part of the Dynatec network with 130 employees.

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