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Differ has a team with extensive experience within both commercial and technical advisory. Our team has more than a decade of experience in advising clients on carbon policy, market dynamics, market strategy, investment decisions and risk management. Together with our technical expertise within solar and other carbon reduction technologies, and our actual on-the-ground experience in implementing projects, this makes Differ an attractive partner for all players active in clean energy, carbon reduction technologies and carbon markets.

Based on our extensive network within clean energy and carbon markets globally, Differ is uniquely placed to support companies and institutions in various fields:

  • Design and assessment of result-based financing schemes

  • Off-grid energy strategy and analysis.

  • Strategic advice regarding pay-as-you-go operations

  • Sourcing seed funding or project finance

  • Bringing new technologies to the market

  • Finding new markets for existing technologies

  • Scaling up existing technologies

  • Identification of actionable investment opportunities

  • Conducting feasibility studies and project appraisals

  • Managing investments in small-scale programs

  • Getting PoAs off the drawing board and into action

  • Commercialization/monetisation and transaction support

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Differ has - on behalf of Zero, Norwegian Church Aid and The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster - written this report on distributed energy. The objective has been to bring together the key building blocks within distributed energy and provide fresh perspectives for policy makers and investors on why and how distributed energy solutions are key to reach the development and climate goals reflected in the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.

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