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The leading provider of reliable energy services to schools and health clinics

Differ Community Power offers high-quality off-grid electricity equipment in renewable electricity packages for on- and off-grid projects. We have installed equipment in the Norwegian mountains, in the Zambian countryside, in the Philippines and all across Malawi.

Differ Community Power has installed solar PV equipment for health posts, health stations, district hospitals and schools in Malawi and the Philippines. Our solutions contain high quality lithium batteries, tier-1 solar modules, high-quality European Balance-Of-System equipment and an AC mini grid powering the entire facility. We power everything from lighting through vaccine refrigerators, water heaters, medical lab equipment to air conditioners.

DCP recommends electrifying staff quarters associated with schools and health clinics. We believe that keeping medical staff content is important for the long-run maintenance of these health facilities. The feedback from the physicians is unison - the change we bring provides a large step forward. Also, this provides a holistic, high-quality, permanent energy infrastructure at the off-grid facilities.

We are avid users of technology. Our solutions are online, and can be controlled from our desk. We install meters and logic to be able to control usage across our mini grid.

Differ AS has also provided energy solutions to health posts in rural Zambia under the Solar4Health progamme. using solar hybrid systems (Lithium & Lead Acid batteries combined). These are giving rural health posts electricity for LED lighting, charging of equipment, vaccine refrigerators and fans - everything provided by Differ in one complete package.


Most health posts can be electrified using a relatively small system, as power is mainly used for basic services. However, the impact of a small system providing basic electricity services is significant in many dimensions, from safety to public health to quality of services.

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