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Tom Erichsen spoke at International Solar Day 5/18/2018
What does it mean for rural health clinics to have stable access to power? 12/4/2017
EcoEnergy acquires Brighterlite's Pakistan portfolio 11/21/2017
Tom Erichsen spoke about financing green investments at COP23 in Bonn 11/16/2017
Differ Electrifying Health Clinics in Zambia 9/27/2017
Prime in the spotlight 8/4/2016
Result-based aid 8/6/2015
Tom Erichsen to speak at INTPOW Renewable Energy Forum (IREF 2015) 22. September in Oslo, Norway 8/4/2015
Tom Erichsen spoke at the UN SE4All Forum 2015: Financing sustainable energy for all 5/21/2015
Clean Energy Cookstoves Reduce Carbon Emissions and Improve Livelihoods 11/4/2014
Life lessons from a clean cookstove agent 11/4/2014
Stakeholder consultation for Differ Cookstove's Gold Standard CDM PoA: Timor-Leste 6/6/2014
Renewable energy underestimated in World Energy Outlook 2013 1/30/2014
Inventor of Prime stoves shortlisted for Ashden Award 1/17/2014
Differ awarded grant for cookstove distribution in Indonesia 12/2/2013
Differ presentations on Solar Energy Revolution at Zero Emission Conference 11/13/2013
Prime Cookstoves is now looking for a Wholesale and Logistics Manager 7/25/2013
Senegal Clean Cooking Solutions - Market Study 7/12/2013
Differ attended the Bonn International Cooking Energy Forum 7/11/2013
Meet Differ and Coresight at Carbon Expo 5/8/2013
Differ participated on the Impact Investing Panel at the Clean Cooking Forum in Cambodia 3/22/2013
Differ is now a member of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves 2/22/2013
Differ facilitated F/S on Nias Island, Indonesia 1/7/2013
Differ hosted chiller seminars in Vietnam 12/13/2012
Differ attended the Indonesia-Norway Strategic Partnership in Business seminar in Jakarta 11/27/2012
Differ wins Energy+ consultancy contract 11/14/2012
Differ promotes energy efficient chillers in Vietnam 10/1/2012
Prime Cookstoves 8/22/2012
Differ attended the EBTKE Conex 2012 in Jakarta 7/17/2012
Differ presentations on PoAs and energy efficiency at Carbon Expo 6/5/2012
RESolar has been awarded the 'Grønn Fases Energipris' 4/26/2012
Meet Differ at Carbon Expo 4/25/2012
Africa Carbon Forum 4/25/2012
Differ to provide PoA training to developing country governments through UN 3/14/2012
Differ has co-founded a new company called RESolar 3/12/2012
Meet Differ at Africa Carbon Forum 3/8/2012
Jorund Buen is co-author on the book "Carbon markets or climate finance?" 1/27/2012
Differ joins CenSES 1/16/2012
Is there still green in green? 1/9/2012
Erik Sauar joins the Differ team 1/2/2012
Tom Erichsen joins the Differ team 1/2/2012
We have moved to our new office 12/8/2011
Energy for All 2011 10/10/2011
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