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Ditana Energy Solutions

Ditana Energy Solutions wholesales affordable and fuel-efficient Prime cookstoves in North Sumatra and Central Java, Indonesia. By utilizing a network of agents such as women cooperatives, farmers groups and individuals, Ditana Energy Solutions has sold more than 3,000 Prime cookstoves since 2014. Ditana Energy Solutions is a also a market aggregator under the Clean Stove Initiative Indonesia by the World Bank. 

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Prime Cookstoves

Established in 2013, Prime Cookstoves is rapidly expanding its sales of highly efficient, ultra-clean biomass cookstoves to distributors in Asia and Africa. Our stoves offer an unbeatable cost/performance ratio having achieved world-class test results whilst being sold at affordable prices.
  • We develop - energy efficient technology that works
  • We offer - attractive and affordable cookstoves
  • We serve - by doing our utmost for our distributors and their customers

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Brighterlite (BL) will make the transition to solar power appealing, by combining
- Cutting edge technology
- Resourceful and motivated people
- Early-stage investments to develop long-term partnerships

Brighterlite’s activities will primarily focus on underserved markets and rapidly growing economies in Africa and Asia. They provide the power of solar home systems, enabling everyone to improve their lives, build societies and secure a better future for all. BL brings vital infrastructure, new services and products that stimulate progress, change and improvement. They engage the communities by bringing business, information and learning closer to home.

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VITALITE Zambia was established 2014 by Differ and local partners in Zambia. It will sell appropriate, affordable and acceptable household energy products to low-income customers while giving the best possible service. Initially, VITALITE Zambia will distribute and sell Prime cookstoves, as well as wood fuel sourced from existing sources of sustainably harvested biomass. The main target of the new company is to sell clean cookstoves at prices affordable for peri-urban and urban poor without subsidies, in combination with biomass fuel sold at prices below those of charcoal. Using the highly fuel-efficient Prime stove means customers need much less biomass than in the current charcoal usage status quo. The new company will also offer consumer finance solutions such as installment payments. The combination of affordable and fuel-efficient stoves, affordable fuel and attractive consumer finance are set to give a very short payback time for the customer.

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Partnership with Song Anh Energy Engineering (SAEE) 

Differ has over the last year developed a close partnership with Song Anh Energy Engineering (SAEE) for chiller replacement in Vietnam. SAEE is located in Saigon and provides energy saving solutions within HVAC and lighting: including chiller & cooling tower replacement, hot water heat pump, UV light for AHU and water.  

SAEE was established in 2010 and is owned and run by Mr Tran Sy Anh, a well-reputated engineer that has worked within this field for nearly 20 years. The company has 7 employees, nicluding engineers, technicians and sales people.

The energy saving potential is promising for building owners as currently installed chillers are inefficient and constitute at least 50% of the electricity bill. We aim at taking our chiller business to the next level and have found the best competence and partner in Vietnam to do so. SAEE’s core technical insight in the cooling business in Vietnam as well as the system engineering approach to the cooling challenges, makes SAEE an excellent partner for Differ to reach our ambition of implementing many small-scale projects that reduce GHG emissions. 


Investment portfolio
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