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Investment Criteria
Differ has the following investment criteria:
  • The target company must be at an early development stage. However, we will consider proposals (e.g. on joint ventures) from more  established companies as long as they involve the establishment of a new company or concepts
  • We have a preference for companies located in developing countries, but will also consider investing in companies in industrialised countries as long as their business focuses on developing countries or has considerable potential for being further developed through focusing on developing countries
  • We seek deals where we provide a combination of cash and sweat equity, and take an active role in business development. Hence we do not invest in external funds or similar financial vehicles

Differ’s fundament is that small-scale carbon reduction projects are faster to implement than large-scale ones. They require less start-up capital which eases implementation, but can at the same time bring large environmental benefits if scaled up. Through replication of projects, the overhead costs which have so far rendered many of these projects financially unviable may be reduced to increase profitability. The companies Differ decides to invest in must therefore have a scalable technology and business strategy.

The majority of the world’s investments in energy production capacity will be in emerging economies and developing countries, due to significant and stable growth. Existing industry and manufacturing is often both energy-and carbon-intensive. At the same time, substantial parts of the population in these countries currently do not have access to electricity. Furthermore, due to the above-mentioned economic growth, waste problems increase. Differ will therefore focus on selected, rapidly growing developing countries, primarily in Africa and Asia.

Differ aims at spearheading the emerging growth of decentralised, small-scale carbon reductions in developing countries. The companies we invest in and help develop must not only offer a great product or service, but also be appealing and pioneering, be sustainable in the long-term and proven to increase people’s welfare.

We are primarily investing in companies whose position in the value chain is close to the actual implementation of small-scale carbon reduction projects. We do not invest in single projects unless they are instrumental for one of our equity investments.
Investment portfolio
Investment criteria
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