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Published: 30 August 2013

The price for secondary CERs has collapsed to a level where it is unlikely that it will incentivise investment in new emission reduction projects. But there are a few buyers who are willing to pay a significant premium to get new projects started, e.g. 4-6 €/tCO2e, preferably for project they perceive as having benefits beyond the carbon reduction.

It is still too early to estimate whether there will be a significant demand from such “premium” buyers. Still, many project developers’ survival in the future could depend on their ability to match the preferences of these picky buyers and develop projects to their liking. The purpose of this report is to discuss which projects are likely to attract premium buyers and fetch the highest carbon prices in the future.

In this analysis, we present an analytical framework built around three main parameters – technology, location and appeal – in order to assess which projects will be most attractive over the next years. Importantly, although our framework is applicable for premium buyers, our conclusions as to which projects are most appealing are the results of our own assessment. Each individual buyer may assess differently and favour different project types.

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