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Options for result-based financing within the energy sector in Nepal

Differ has assisted The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) in the mid-term review of National Rural and Renewable Energy Programme (NRREP) operated by DANIDA in Nepal. The tasks have been to 

  • Assess the relevance of NRREP with regard to Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All, and Energy+ (

  • Assess potential options for integrating result-based payments (both RBF and PBR) into the programme and explain how it can potentially add value

  • Assess the relevance of the present subsidy policy and subsidy levels – does the programme reach the intended target groups?

The study has applied the SE4All Global Tracking Framework, the underlying Energy+ principles (see e.g. here) as well as experiences from the implementation of Energy+ in Ethiopia to suggest where and how actions can be implemented to reduce the subsidy levels, how to ensure that the best available technologies are employed and how private capital can be stimulated and made available to the implementers

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