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Assessment of Policy Measures to Achieve “Sustainable Energy for All”

The task: Energy+ needed an evaluation of policy measures suitable for Energy+ partners targeting increased energy access and renewable energy production, including operational guidance for stakeholders in the implementing partner countries.

The project: The project has produced a report that can function as a resource document for policy makers in Africa or Asia, whether politicians or bureaucrats, who are searching for the best delivery mechanisms for increased access and increased renewable energy generation. The report describes available policy measures and provides some of the main lessons from past experiences in other countries. Each policy measure is evaluated in terms of their effectiveness and merits in comparable jurisdictions, cost efficiency, investor risk exposure and administrative simplicity in terms of achieving the each of the following four sub-targets:

  • Extension of the grid and increased grid reliability          “More grid”
  • More renewable power to the grid                                      “More power”
  • Increased access to off-grid electricity services              “More off-grid”
  • Clean off-grid cooking service                                             “Clean(er) Cooking”

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