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Jorund Buen: Co-Founder

Jorund is a carbon and clean-tech investor and analyst. Through almost fifteen years in the carbon and clean tech space he has developed an extensive network related to emission reduction projects in developing countries, including project developers, financial institutions, lawyers, technology providers and market experts, as well as government officials.

Jorund has experience from founding and managing Point Carbon from start-up to grown-up stage and played a key role in its business development towards developing countries, including the establishment of offices and subsidiaries in such countries. Jorund has 10 years of consulting experience from all continents on issues spanning from market entry strategy, business planning and project risk assessment via policy analysis to long-term strategy. Clients have been financial institutions, energy companies, and governments. He is an expert on technical, regulatory and financial risks facing emission reduction projects in developing countries, factors influencing carbon credit prices, and the future of carbon credits in carbon markets globally.

Jorund is a co-owner and senior advisor in Perspectives, a leading independent provider of carbon policy advise and carbon project services, and is doing academic research into the use of policy instruments to stimulate carbon emission reductions. In 2011, Jorund co-founded Differ.


Tom Erichsen: CEO

Tom Erichsen has more than ten years of consulting experience within energy and carbon markets. Before joining Differ, Tom was a Director with the Thomson Reuters Advisory Services, developing tailored market strategies and supporting investment decisions for a wide range of governments and companies in the carbon markets. Before the acquisition by Thomson Reuters, Tom played a key role in the development of Point Carbon Advisory Services, heading up the Advisory International department. During five years in Point Carbon, Tom led the development of several ground-breaking investment analysis frameworks and tools for the carbon markets. Prior to Point Carbon, Tom worked as a management consultant in PA Consulting Group. During six years in PA, Tom delivered consultancy work reaching across energy generation, transmission/distribution, risk management, trading and retail. Tom’s key skills cover strategy, valuation, project finance, asset management, risk management, benchmarking and process improvement.

Tom holds a MSc. in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Business and Economics (Norges Handelshøyskole), with a major in finance. Tom also holds degrees from studies in economics, mathematics, statistics, and computer programming from the University of Oslo.


Camilla Fulland: Business Development Manager

Camilla Fulland works as a business development manager at Differ. Camilla co-founded Prime Cookstoves, a daughter company of Differ, in 2013, and has since been working as Prime’s CEO. Prior to establishing Prime, Camilla extensively researched the clean cooking sector, participated in several advisory projects on clean cookstoves, as well as evaluated more than 25 clean cookstove investment cases for Differ. In addition to working for Prime, Camilla holds the position as Project Manager for Differ’s Low Emission Enterprises Project, selling Prime cookstoves to end-users in rural Indonesia.  She has also participated in various activities under the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Camilla holds a MSc in Business Administration with a major in energy economics from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, in addition to studies in multicultural management and international business from the University of Melbourne

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Kjetil Roine: Co-Founder

Kjetil Røine has extensive experience in the energy and carbon market. Being the Head of Research Analysis at Point Carbon for several years, Kjetil has in-depth knowledge on global and regional climate policies, on the policy and project side of the flexible market mechanisms (e.g. CDM) as well as on traded markets like the EU ETS. In addition, Kjetil has been working on renewable energy issues within the EU. He has a significant network worldwide, including strategists in industrial and energy companies as well as governmental bodies.

Kjetil holds a BSc in Social Anthropology, a MSc in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Industrial Ecology. In early 2011, he co-founded Differ.

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Erik Sauar: Co-Founder

Erik Sauar co-founded SolEnergy in 1998-99 and managed the company for the first 3 years until it had about 40 employees in 3 different daughter companies. SolEnergy was a company which manufactured and sold solar modules primarily in Southern Africa and also developed large-scale rural electrification projects in South Africa. In late 2001, SolEnergy, ScanCell and ScanWafer AS merged to form Renewable Energy Corporation ASA (REC), and Erik became the Chief Technology Officer, a position he held until 2011. REC went public on Oslo stock exchange in 2006, reached a peak market value exceeding 20 billion USD, and was for several years the world's most valuable solar energy company. During the period from 2005 to 2010, REC halfed the cost of PV from what was regarded as the lowest cost in the world in 2005. Due primarily to severe "copying" from China and the financial crisis, the majority of the market cap of REC was later lost. In REC, Erik's responsibilities included an R&D portfolio of about 400 MNOK per year, strategic technology roadmaps, evaluation of external technologies, as well as acquisition (and sale) of external technology. Erik has extensive knowledge of the global PV industry and serves on the Board of Directors of several international PV institutes. He is also the author of about 20 patents and patent applications.

Prior to founding SolEnergy, Erik had a decade of voluntary and paid work in Natur og Ungdom, Naturvernforbundet and Bellona with a prime focus on energy policy and technology. He initiated the Norwegian policy work on "Green certificates" at the Norwegian parliament in 2000 and lead a campaign which, in 2002-2003,  changed the utility grid regulation to better facilitate for  non-electric heating. Erik has also worked as a part-time research consultant for Norsk Hydro and at the Institute of Human Rights at University of Oslo. Erik holds a doctorate degree in Physical Chemistry from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from NTH, and a Master of Arts (cand.polit) in Anthropology from the University of Trondheim.

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Anders Skogen: Business Development

Anders Skogen joined Differ in October 2011, where he works with business development. He has more than eight years of experience analysing and advicing companies on carbon and renewable energy issues in Point Carbon. Anders has worked with strategy development, portfolio pricing, model building, product development, risk assessments and many other challenges within carbon & energy.

He holds a MSc in Industrial Economics and technology management from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology.

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Kristian Tangen: Co-Founder

Kristian Tangen has with keen interest followed closely the evolution of international climate negotiations and the global carbon market over more than a decade. In 1999, he founded Point Carbon, together with two colleagues at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute. He was the CEO of Point Carbon in its first four years, and was later responsible for building up its Research and Advisory Department, from two to 36 employees in four different countries. Kristian was hands-on in establishing the products, publications, databases and long-term models offered by the department, and worked extensively with private and governmental clients, in particular in Northern Europe and Japan. He played a leading role in establishing offices in Kiev and Tokyo. In 2010, when Point Carbon had nearly 200 employees, the company was sold to Thomson Reuters.

After playing a pivotal role in negotiating Point Carbon's acquisition of Perspectives Gmbh, Kristian is today a co-owner of this leading independent provider of carbon policy advice. In early 2011, Kristian also co-founded Differ.


Bjarne Uldal: Co-Founder

Bjarne Uldal is a brand and business innovation specialist with more than 15 years experience from working with a broad range of companies in many different industries. After having completed his MSc degree in International Marketing at BI Norwegian Business School in 1994, Bjarne has been an advisor and/or investor in businesses ranging from greentech to education and from IT to health food.

The last 10 years Bjarne has participated in the funding and establishment of more than 15 different companies. Four years ago he co-founded Vju Brand & Business Innovation, which today has grown into a well-respected and successful advisory company. The client list includes several of Norway's leading companies, among them players in the energy industry that has a strong foothold in the energy capital of Stavanger, Norway, where Vju is based. Bjarne's track record within the clean tech sector dates back to 2000 when he was involved in the early-stage development of Point Carbon.

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