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Ethical Guidelines

Anyone employed by, or otherwise involved in, Differ is obliged to conduct their duties with integrity and to strive for high ethical standard in all activities.

Human rights

  • Differ shall honor the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Differ shall respect people’s right to life, freedom, security and legal protection
  • Differ shall respect, and encourage, freedom of thought, speech, religion and political beliefs

Business ethics

  • Differ shall not engage in any activity that may damage economic, social or democratic development
  • Differ shall neither directly nor indirectly engage in corruption
  • Differ shall not pay bribes, or any informal payments, to achieve or retain business opportunities by affecting the recipient to deviate from his/hers otherwise stated duties
  • Differ shall not accept bribes or any informal payments intended to affect our judgment and hinder competition

Host country 

  • Unless these are in conflict with UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and/or the above guidelines on business ethics, Differ shall respect the laws and code of conduct in the individual host country
  • Differ shall promote an open dialogue with all stakeholders affected by any of Differ’s activities with a reasonable exclusion for competitors or potential competitors.
  • Differ shall ensure that all parties contributing to our activities in the host country respect and follow our ethical guidelines


  • Differ shall ensure that employees obtain a living wage 
  • Differ shall respect employees’ right to organise and negotiate collectively
  • Differ shall not discriminate, but promote equal opportunities for all and ensure equal compensation for equal work
  • Differ shall not use child labour, by conforming to the provisions of the relevant ILO standards.
  • Differ shall operate in accordance with health and safety regulations


  • Differ shall develop and sell solutions which improve the environment
  • Differ shall seek to always limit its environmental footprint in all of its operations, whilst adhering to current environmental laws, regulations and standards
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Ethical guidelines
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